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CHIP, Inc. is expanding every year and we are always looking for the newest, freshest writers and artist around the world.  Do you think that you have what it takes to get published? Then get started on your journey: 

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About Us

The staff at Creative House International Press, Inc. has over 19 years of experience in the publishing industry.  This includes writers, publishers, editor's and artists.  We have worked with a variety of styles of publication and outlets. 
This is a House where Creative Minds are encouraged and nurtured in a positive way.
What is Creative House Press?

We are a diverse group of people working together for the sole purpose of helping YOU, the writer, artist to get published. We do this through traditional and non-traditional publishing methods.

What sets CHP apart from others?

What sets us apart from other publishing firms is our Readers Club. Prior to publishing, select members of the general public are given the opportunity to read your manuscript and then give feedback on it. This allows YOU, the writer, to see how well your work will do in the market.

Once we (meaning CHP and you) determine the best avenue for your work, we will work closely with you to make your book the best it can be. This includes cover design, text layout, marketing materials, and other items.

What about my copyrights?

Depending on the avenue you choose for your work, we may ask to hold the copyrights for up to five years. During the initial setup, our staff will work closely with you to guide you through the process and determine the route best suited to handle your work.

How long will it take for my book to be in print?

Your book can go from manuscript to print in as little as two weeks. However, we don’t recommend this. We will take whatever amount of time may be necessary to make sure your book is as good as it can possibly be before it goes to print. Based on the feedback from the Readers Club, our editors, and discussions with YOU, we will determine the timeline necessary to bring your book into print form.

How much input do I have in the creation of my book?

A LOT! The author knows his/her material better than anyone else. He/She may not know how to market it, but with constant communication between YOU and our staff, the final results of your work will be the best they can be.
What will be my cost?
There is always cost associated with getting your work published, but we don't ask for any money from you.  

The only time you are asked for money is to purchase additional marketing materials that you use, or the books that you wish to sale yourself.  There is never a request for money to you from us to have your book published.



Bertha Connally Abraham 

B. Connally Abraham wrote If Only for a Season, because like Elizabeth Catlett “I want my life to be constructive; I am not interested in being rich or famous or important, but to make my life important.”  I want my life to reflect the process of building up, not tearing down. I want someone to look at my life and see that their dreams are possible too. And at the end of the day when the light in my eyes grow dim I want someone to recognize my life’s work not just because of me but because of the one who gave to me that which I gave back.

I am married to John my high school sweetheart.  Michael, Jay and Brad make up the Abraham family circle along with my terrific and only grandson, Zach.  Brad no longer has a physical address but his presence is felt every day. Travel is my greatest passion with the exception of family and friends there is nothing that I enjoy more. Reading, writing and gardening fall right in line at a close second, third and fourth respectively.  Books allow the impossible to become possible by simply engaging the imagination. It is equally as enjoyable visiting Yellowstone National Park through the pages of a book to experience its majestic beauty. 


Jonathan Amaret

Jonathan Amaret was born in Houston in 1984.  Throughout his professional career he has earned numerous achievements in transportation, aviation, aerospace science, fine arts and cinema, including the notable titles of Presidential Scholar, NASA Texas Aerospace Scholar, and licensed aviator at the age of seventeen.   As a filmmaker, his projects have headlined with distinguished casts including renowned Academy Award, Golden Globe, Emmy, and Grammy winners.  He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film, Television & Media Studies from California State University in Los Angeles where he lives and works as an author, screenwriter, actor and producer. 


Marsean Bierria

Marsean has always had a passion for writing, even in his younger years he felt this urge to write on a variety of subjects.  While in middle school, he was a writer for the school newspaper, and was invited to Austin as part of the middle school newspaper team for their skills.  In High School he competed in U.I.L. competition and won for impromptu speaking, which he continues to do at various poetry readings.  His quick wit and ability to reach deep within his soul, has made him one of the up and coming poets to watch for.  His first book; Tangerine Dream is one to be read.


Cassandra Allsworth

Cassandra was born in QLD,Australia and currenly lives in Caboolture,QLD.
She is a self-taught artist who didn't uncover her natural talent until she was 18yrs old and was very surprised that she could draw!
She watched her mother draw portraits of her and her siblings and has artists on both sides of the family.  She has done a course in visual arts and also likes music and poetry.  Her favourite mediums are pencil,charcoal and oil paint and also likes acrylic and pastel/oil pastel.  Most of her subjects have been portraiture and style is realism, but enjoys doing any subject and would like to explore more different styles of art.
In june 2010,she had 2 portraits and a poem published in an ebook on the 'Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait' Website called 'Fans In The Mirror' plus a portrait and poem in the emagazine 2010 christmas edition.  Prints of her artwork are currently available on 'Fine Art America' and 'deviantART'.